I’m a versatile sight reading and improvising drummer. I covering multiple styles from Funk to Folk, Ballad to dubstep and everything in-between. Check out my Listen page for an in-depth look and listen.

I cover a vast variety of styles from Orchestral perc, Latin perc, Cinematic perc, Afro perc, Eastern perc and more. All in one place and that’s why my  film and tv clients keep coming back.

I can meet your deadlines and my email response is beyond quick. My studio is at my house so if you need a track turning around uber quickly then I can do it. This is usually the case for TV & radio commercials where it has to be done yesterday. 

This online drum session service only works if my clients are completely happy with the end result. Therefore I strive to make sure that this is the case for every project.

I have been working in studio now for over 25 years and have been a remote session drummer for 18 years. There aren’t many situations and scenarios that I haven’t experienced.

I have a lorry load of top quality gear. Snares, cymbals, percussion, outboard, mics, mic preamps etc. I can set up multiple kit and micing configurations to get the perfect sound at source for your project. This is what I love doing!

You may want to have a few days to mull over a take that I have sent through to you before you decide. With my remote drum sessions you can do this. There’s no rush!

Save your precious time with my online drum sessions. You don’t have to wait for me to setup and get a sound on the kit because it’s always set up – IT DOSEN’T MOVE. I just change snares and cymbals and press record.

I have had over 500 clients in the last 18 years and they keep coming back. I must be doing something right.

I offer an interactive session service where you can be present in the session. Talk to me, conduct me, sing to me whilst I record your song. Whatever floats your boat.

See my interactive sessions page for more info.

I cut multi-track deals so just get in touch with your requests and i’ll taylor a pricing package to meet your budget.

I have learnt over the years that communication is so important when it comes to online sessions. I’m happy to spend as much time talking through your project with you so that you have a result that you are more than happy with.

I perform live to hundreds of thousands of people each year. I draw from these experiences the energy, vibe and sense of performance when I record in the studio bringing each session to life.