From Hollywood composers to bedroom producers, below are the thoughts from some of my 500+ clients from around the world.

“Jon offers a unique service; not only are you getting a superb musician but someone who is sympathetic to the modern day needs of producers out there. Jon offers you real performance; his mastery of the drums is just part of the package! Open up your mind to what he can bring to your music; you’ll be inspired”
Rob BorzoniCreative Director - Warner/Chappell Music
“I had a fantastic experience working with Jon on a neoclassical video game track. I gave him a mockup of my piece and a general indication of what I was looking for, and I received in return a dozen varied, vibrant percussion tracks that added an incredible sense of energy and life to the piece. Beyond his outstanding musicianship, he has the invaluable ability to improvise without deviating too much from my ideas. I’d recommend him unconditionally and look forward to collaborating with him on future work!”
Aakaash RaoComposer
“Jon always delivers top quality work! Always gets it right it right even when the artist wants to try it differently… He’s great!”
James SangerProducer
“I worked with Jon on the BBC series, ‘Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth’, and was impressed not only by his intuition and musicality, but his efficiency and flexibility ‘against the clock’. I look forward to working with him again!”
Barnaby TaylorComposer
“Jon produced a tasty drum track for my song on the 1st take! The whole process was simple a smooth.”
Gord ArnoldSongwriter
“Jon’s remote recording service works like a dream. His playing is great and he’ll add that extra dimension to practically any track you throw at him”
Jeff KnowlerProducer
“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the Worlds greatest drummers (Steve Gadd, Alan White, Graham Jarvis, Carl Palmer) Working with Jon has shown me he is up there with the greats. His feel and interpretation of what I am looking for is always spot on. Add to that a great sound and it’s a winning combination. Get Jon to play on your project, he will only make your tracks sound a whole lot better.”
Keith BesseyProducer
“J3T Drum Tracks service literally rocks. Jon delivered me a terrific sounding track within hours of me first contacting him. It was such an easy and enjoyable experience. Jon was a complete pro and was happy to make any changes to the track however it was faultless. He followed my very brief spec and made something very musical. I will certainly be using J3T Drum Tracks again!!
Damien NolanProducer
“Jon is incredibly professional – within 24 hours of my putting in a request, I had an amazing rhythm section for my song. Jon’s versatility is second to none. Not only has he an ability to zone in on almost any style as well as take on board other great drummers styles and reference tracks, but also throws in his unique creativity and suggestions. He really brought my song to life. I had very little editing to do on the supplied tracks. I look forward to working with him again on my earliest opportunity!”
Nanita DesaiComposer
“I needed a good drum track done… quickly. Jon delivered both; a great track, and fast turnaround, at a decent price. A drummer who can understand the vibe of the song!”
Glenn Ter BorgSongwriter
“Jon’s incredible skill, intuition and flair brought my song alive and I can’t speak highly enough of the fantastic, professional service I received. I will absolutely use Jon’s services again and would recommend him to anyone requiring an extremely high quality live drum track for their recordings.”
Neil FitzpatrickComposer
“Loved working with Jon. He made it easy to get a great drummer with a great sound onto my track, for a project where booking studio time was out of the question”

Tim HartnellProducer
“I asked Jon to play percussion on my track “Havana’s Calling”.  Jon put down 10 different tracks (with instruments I haven’t even heard of) to produce a thick Cuban Salsa sound. The result is a tapestry of colours and sounds and along with bass and a brass arrangements the piece jumps of the CD and comes alive. Great musician and pleasure to work with…”
Alan KeebleSongwriter
“Jon is clearly a top musician. He can zone in on any style and deliver a great sound instantly from his ready-made studio. The really exceptional thing about working with him though, for me, is his ability to collaborate. He seems to relish new musical ideas which definitely sets him apart from your average session drummer, particularly if you’re a singer-songwriter looking to make a distinctive-sounding song/album.”
Tom EllisProducer