The process is simple…

Get in touch either by email, phone, WhatsApp or Skype to discuss your project down to the last fine detail.

Upload your stereo mp3 or wav file – preferably uploading one version with any sampled drums you may have and another version without any sampled drums if possible – as well as a description or notation of the part you want me to play and record.

I’ll then notate your song, choose suitable drums, cymbals and percussion, and then get recording.

Once I’m happy with a take, you’ll be sent an mp3 preview of the track. After discussion and revisions, and only when you are 100% happy, I’ll prep the drum/percussion stems and go through them in fine detail to ensure they are all perfectly in time.

I’ll then send through an invoice for you to transfer payment via direct bank transfer or Paypal. All of these details needed for payment will be on the invoice.

Once I have received the payment I will send through a download link to your drum/percussion stems.

You’ll then be able to import your stems into your DAW and get mixing.

Connect with us

Upload File To J3T’s Dropbox

Get started by uploading your mp3/wav files by clicking on the ‘Dropbox’ button above. Preferably two versions of your song, one with sampled drums and the other without.

Any Questions? Want to chat about a possible project?
Send me a message and i’ll get straight back to you.